1. Can I create something from nothing? I think the right inspiration can make anything happen…

    First things first, despite the ‘motivational speaker’ overtones of the title that is not how i want to come across.  What I’m really trying to do here is to share my experiences of trying to create something from nothing from day one.  My hope is that, if i am successful, then these entries will serve as reference, maybe even inspiration for someone trying to do the same thing.  And, if not, they will serve as proof that I gave it a shot. 

    I have been taking inspiration from many different sources recently - all through the medium of the Internet, which is where i intend to create my brand and by far the most valuable has been hearing the first-hand experiences of those who have carved out their own way in the web.  However, I am still to come across the opportunity to follow someone on their journey from scratch, real-time.  So if you are reading this then you are, I believe, in a unique position to witness a guy give a birth to a brand and, hopefully, make his parents proud of him in the process…

    So expect many more entries to come, i will be making videos, audio recordings, putting up images, as much as I feel is relevant for anyone who might be reading, listening or watching. I will be sharing my experiences, my inspirations, my ideas and i would love to hear yours so please, if you are reading, get in touch.

    If you are reading this then, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.  I really want to be as transparent as possible throughout this whole thing, which i believe is key to succeeding in this environment, so I always want to be honest with you.  So I would like to begin this process with an honest thank you, this is only going to work with the input of others so as i progress I would love to know what you think - of my brand, of what I’m trying to do, and of me.

    I have already gone on longer than intended so for now I will leave you with a thank you, good night and please, keep an eye on doctorplug!


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  2. A few images i’m working with at the moment to help develop my brand - WHAT DO YOU THINK? let me know and become part of the doctorplug tribe from day one. thanks for looking. sam.

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  3. This is one of the most inspiring yet simple videos i have seen in a long time. This is only one of a series and each one could be the anthem for ambition, free thinking and optimism. Visit www.symphonyofscience.com too see more.

    Please leave a response if you were inspired too and if so how? For me it made me want to go into my garden and build a spaceship! Who’s with me!?

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  4. who is doctorplug?

    The answer to this question will hopefully change very soon if all goes to plan:

    At the moment, doctorplug is me, sam coleman.  However, if I succeed, then doctorplug will be you too so let’s build this brand together!

    Here’s the goal:

    To share questions, ideas and content to help anyone reading, listening or watching to figure out exactly what the tools of this ever-changing world of internet and technology can do for them.  This world of social media is a new platform for me so this is your chance to follow me from DAY ONE and watch our adventure together unfold before your very eyes! it’s going to be interesting…

    So I will kick things off with a simple question: As we are at the half-way point of 2010, what have you come across on the internet that has influenced you the most this year so far? And do you think that it has affected how your year will end?

    I have had many of these just in the past couple of months and this is my way of sharing all of them with you and they’re only going to keep on coming so please, stay tuned!

    Thanks for your time, sam. a.k.a. doctorplug

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  5. Hi. I’m Sam and this is doctorplug.

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doctorplug. plug in, switch on, share, :-)

doctorplug. plug in, switch on, share, :-)
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